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About me

Hi- I’m Maree and I am a Mad Seamstress! 
I love to sew – it’s the only thing that I’m truly passionate about.
My husband says I am the queen of the one wear make.  Either that or he never wants me to wear it again, as it's so loud, it stands out like a sore thumb and everyone remember it - so he suggests '... maybe something more casual...' very diplomatically.

I have sewn all my life and love making things that bring a smile to people’s faces. 
I am an Aussie that’s lives in the UK.
I'm married to an Englishman and have called the UK home now for over 16 years.  A fairly large chunk of my adult life.  
Nick and I only have 4 legged children and yes, they are every sense our fur babies.
I’ve got a diploma in Fashion Production – Custom Clothing that I completed in 1993- another lifetime ago – at East Sydney Fashion College in Australia. So, whatever I make needs to look as beautiful on the inside as it does on the outside.  
I specialised in couture garment making which was, about making one off or very limited runs of garments.
It was also the recommended foundation course you did, before you went on to study bridal wear.
When I completed my course and started to look for jobs in the rag trade, I took a part time, ‘temporary’ job at the most prestigious lingerie shop Sydney had to offer. I was still there years later and had truly fallen head over heels in love with all the beautiful laces, amazing workmanship and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be doing alterations on backs of £200- bras as part of my day job.
My retail career followed me to the UK and my desire to get a job in the rag trade had long passed, but my passion for sewing, having something that one else had and having beautifully made garments, never left me.
And now I have decided it's time to share my love of beautiful fabrics and passion for sewing with the world.
I’ve opened my online fabric shop – called ‘a Mad Seamstress’.
I’ve been blogging about my makes that I’ve been using some of the colourful quilting cottons that I stock in my shop.
I think, blogging is a great way of connecting, inspiring and helping people choose fabric when they can’t touch it.  The styles and fabrics I choose to do my make’s in and blog about, may not be to everyone’s taste, but its designed to spark your creativity and I do hope my adventurous and sometimes mad makes, bring a smile to your face.
I’m also currently working on you tube tutorials, of the making process of simple garments, showing techniques’ and parts of my makes to help you develop your own skills and confidence as a sewist and maybe even help you step out of your sewing comfort zone and inspire you to take on something that you didn’t think you were ready to.
Along with doing these fun makes for ‘a Mad Seamstress’, I’ve also been making and blogging for Minervadotcom which has been very exciting. I usually have a post-up with them every other month using one of their fabrics.
I have tried each time to pick a fabric that maybe you wouldn’t choose and make something that is really wearable to help spark your imitation.
Sewing is an adventure – a bit like those choose your own adventure books we use to read as kids– there is no right and wrong, there’s more than just one way to reach the end goal.
At 'a Mad Seamstress', we (hubby and me) have picked unique & bold fabric designs and must have border prints for the Modern or adventurous Sewist.
It’s the place to go- if you want something a little different, discover inspiration -a modern spin on what could be considered, traditional fabric.
Yes, some of these fabrics are very bold and maybe not for the faint hearted. Your end creation will be a statement, no matter how you play it. It’s okay to embrace a little of ‘the crazy’ and wear what brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart.
That’s what ‘a Mad Seamstress’ is all about.
This is adventure sewing! 
Be bolder with fabric choices.
Taking on that fabric you may have passed over as its too colourful.
The floral design is too big, or it just scares the bejezus out of you - but you still love it!
There's a million reason to put it back down, but you picked it up as it put a smile on your face and tugged at your heart.

Sew... I am about inspirational sewing.
Helping you to Sew out of your comfort zone. 
Be an adventure sewist… like me
Sew what makes you happy.
I have failures but it’s all part of the journey!

I’m Maree. 
a Mad Seamstress