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Welcome to the new home of a 'a Mad Seamstress'

Posted by Maree Cunningham on

Hi- I am Maree - a Mad Seamstress!

..and welcome to my new website and home of all things mad!  We are all a little mad around here.

First off a little about me, if this is your first time popping in at a Mad Seamstress I love to sew and it my garments usually end up making some sort of statement. My husband says I am the queen of the one wear make. Either, that or he never wants me to wear it again. As it's so loud, stands out like a sore

I have sewn all my life and love creating things that bring a smile to peoples faces. Bold and colourful, thats my sewing style. I don't want to spend my time making something that I could have just nipped down to the local shops and bought.  There is no point. 

like minded sewist and newbie's!  I want top remind everyone its okay to embrace a little of the crazy once in a while and wear what brings a smile to your face and brings joy to your heart.

  • Taking on that fabric you may have passed over as its too colourful.. the floral design is too big, or it just scares the bejezus out of you! but you still love it. 

a Mad Seamstress make, Border print jumpsuit with Michael Miller fabric

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  • Dear MadSeamstress,

    Thank you for the swift Chinoiserie border print. It’s beautiful!

    This is the pattern I am waiting for! I ordered it from Clothkits. Bother bank holidays!!!

    I think it will look stunning

    The Sun Dress – The Avid Seamstress


    Take care

    Julie on

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